Hi! My name is Phil

And this is me wearing a Wolfhelmet. Wolfhelmet

I started this blog back in 2012 after quitting my job and jetting off to Asia. I ended up staying out there for nine months and it was pretty great. I trekked and dove and partied and even hitchhiked. I took a ton of pictures and made a bunch of new friends, but mostly I just ate a lot of street food and slept on a lot of different surfaces. I did it on a shoestring budget and I’d do it a hundred times over.

You should too.

Then I felt like coming home, so I did, and my California life resumed. I got a job in San Francisco and made a website to find city folk to live with. It was a big laugh and you can still find it here.

Do I still book one way tickets? Sometimes, but that’s not really the point. More meaningful is what they represent to me, then and now. They’re an idea that life’s too fleeting to waste it. Embrace the unknown outcome. You’ll grow as a person in the process and probably have a lot of fun.

Put on a Nyan Cat onesie and take on the world. Like today.

So what’s up with this blog? I write about what I feel like writing about, which is usually travel and new experiences. The more I write, the better writer I’ll become, in theory at least. That’s about all you’re getting out of me.

What was I thinking? Well, here are a few posts I wrote a really long time ago:

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Some of my publications from around the web:

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Random Facts About Me:

  • My favorite place in the world is Big Sur on the California coast. Canyonlands National Park in Utah is a close second.
  • I studied abroad in Barcelona, Spain for six weeks during one summer. I’d go for longer if I did it again and also put more emphasis on improving my Spanish.
  • I was homeschooled from 5th through 9th grade and I can’t count the number of times people have asked in amazement, “How’d you turn out so normal?” Normal is relative.
  • My guilty pleasures food wise are Goldfish crackers, Jack in the Box tacos, Vietnamese Pho and Round Table Pizza.

Contact Me:

Want to say hi? You can contact me on my Facebook or Twitter, or just shoot me an email at phil (at) onewayticketphil.com. Look forward to hearing from you!