2 thoughts on “An Ideal Spot to Take a Dip. Koh Rong, Cambodia

  1. Your photography in Asia blows me away: you hardly need any words to describe where you are or what you’re doing. The combination of photography and taglines creates descriptive and enticing posts…I want to go to Cambodia! I’d love to hear more about how to get to the places you visit…one minute you’re in one place, the next you’re in a completely different country, and this intrigues me…can you describe the transportation you have to take and the troubles you’ve come in to within each post? Also, the update on the side of your blog with your current location makes me seriously jealous.

    • Thanks for all the compliments Lucy and sorry it took so long to respond. The internet in Myanmar is… well, almost non-existent.

      I have been moving around a ton of late. There is so much to see! I usually take buses. They are super easy to book, the cheapest way to move about, and even small towns have bus stations allowing me to get out of the main cities. I’m hoping to write many articles on the best ways to move about Southeast Asia in the coming weeks, so stay posted

      Looking forward to following your Tumblr

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