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The Real Answer to the Question “What was your favorite place?”

When people hear about my trip to Southeast Asia, the first question out of their mouth is, “What was your favorite place?” Now anyone who has gone on an extended traveling spree will understand that that question is basically impossible to answer. How can you sum up such a large portion of your life and […]


A Full Day Tour of Khao Yai: Thailand’s First National Park

On the way from Cambodia back to Bangkok, I had a week to kill before heading off to Myanmar. It wasn’t too far out of the way to a National Park known as Khao Yai, Thailand’s oldest and second largest, so I took a slight detour, navigated between some local buses and got dropped off […]


Thailand vs Malaysia: If You Can Only Choose One

Thailand and Malaysia share a border and are two of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, but they are still distinctly different. I’d recommend a long visit to both, but if time is an issue, I’d hate to rush either country. There’s just too much to see and do! So if visiting both isn’t going […]


Relive in Photos: Thailand’s North & South

Thailand The North & South ” I was in Thailand, playing Ping-Pong in Ding Dang.” – Barry Badrinath (Beerfest, 2006) Scroll horizontally to experience my visit On to Laos…


Relive in Photos: The City of Bangkok

The City of BangkokA Photo Collage “Bangkok has him now, and she’ll never let him go.” (Tattoo Joe, Hangover 2, 2011) Scroll horizontally to experience my visit The Rest of Thailand Needs Exploring…


Bangkok’s Copycat Problem: I Visit the Museum of Counterfeit Goods

At first, I thought it was amusing. You could find a copy of anything. Do be honest, the fake item was probably easier to locate than the genuine one. Any street market could take care of all your needs. Ray-Ban sunglasses? Check. A slick new pair of Vans? The Lonely Planet of your next destination? […]


The Sungai Kolok Border Crossing from Thailand to Malaysia

Crossing the Sungai Kolok border into Malaysia was rather uneventful, but for a place that has had a history of violence between the Muslim minority and the ruling Buddhist majority, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While I was hesitant at first, especially after seeing all the machine-gun wielding guards pacing back and forth through […]