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The Real Answer to the Question “What was your favorite place?”

When people hear about my trip to Southeast Asia, the first question out of their mouth is, “What was your favorite place?” Now anyone who has gone on an extended traveling spree will understand that that question is basically impossible to answer. How can you sum up such a large portion of your life and […]

Above the Clouds Rinjani

Up Rinjani: Climbing an Active Volcano Through My Eyes

My normal traveling plan is to plan as little as possible. Plans are for the uptight, the less adventurous, for my parents. I love my parents, but they love to know exactly what the deal is. It gives them peace of mind. It removes the stress. I completely agree with that last point. Not planning […]

From a Yangon Train

The Lonely Planet Effect: Revealing Travel Gems

A little over a year ago I was lucky enough to visit Myanmar during the early stages of its reintroduction to the outside world. Shortly afterward, I wrote an article on things to do in Yangon, its main city. I listed some tidbits of info on a few of the favorite things I did during […]

Sihanoukville Sunset

Reader Email: Pre-trip Wanderlust and Angst

I receive emails all the time from potential, current and future travelers but occasionally one of them stands out above the rest. Leading up to my departure I had a difficult time summing up my thoughts. I was saving my money up for something, something… bigger. I didn’t have all the details worked out but […]


Couchsurfing in Islamic Borneo and Why it was Awesome

I was back on my own, traveling solo through one of the less traversed areas of Indonesia. This was no Bali. Seriously, I would eventually go almost 10 days without seeing another Western traveler. So at the time, it only made sense to try Couchsurfing again. It’s hands down one of the most authentic ways […]

Big Sur Hike

The Next Step In A Life

I have a confession to make. I’ve been hiding it from my readers for a week now and it’s weighing heavy me. It feels like a dirty little secret. What could this be? Well, let’s just say I’m no longer in Asia. Okay, I’m actually not even traveling anymore. There, I said it. A metaphorical […]


9 Reasons Not to Quit Your Job and Travel the World (Debunked)

I recently read an article over at ThoughtCatalog on 9 Reasons to Quit Your Job and Travel the World. Many of the responses in the comments seemed angry and claimed the whole idea (quit and travel) wasn’t realistic. I don’t claim that world travel is right for everyone and while the ThoughtCatalog piece has its […]

Marina Bay Sands Skyline

Change of Pace: A Week in a Singapore Dorm Room

After nearly 6 months of traveling through developing countries, I was headed to Singapore, the “cleanest city in the world.” The word “developing” hasn’t been used to describe this city in a long time, so I looked forward to a little change of scenery. One of my oldest friends (we were in the same third […]


Classic Rock Songs that Make Me Want to Travel

I was a late bloomer when it came to the late 60’s/early 70’s classic rock era. I knew a few of the most popular classics, but overall, my Woodstock band knowledge was pretty poor. Once I was truly introduced to the bands and given some direction, I was immediately hooked. A classic rock binge followed […]