Skimboarding on Penang Malaysia

Skimboarding in Penang: Who’d of Thought?

Before the trip, my friend Austin had asked a skimboarding contact about whether there were any spots to skim in Southeast Asia. His response was the contact info of a skimboarder on the island of Penang in Malaysia. Once we made it to the island, what we found blew us away: an entire thriving skimboarding […]

Langkawi Frogs

Frogs Chillin’ in a Langkawi Waterfall

After renting a motorbike and driving it clear across the Malaysian island of Langkawi, we found ourselves at the Seven Wells Waterfall. Jumping in for a dip, it wasn’t long before we realized that we had an audience. I was actually surprised how chilled out these little guys were. They didn’t flinch no matter how […]


Plowing the Fields Underneath Buledi Pagoda, Bagan

Some daily farming chores being completed while Buledi Pagoda looms nearby. This was right after sunset as waiting a few hours would allow the sun to take its toll on the area and shoot the temperature to 44 degrees Celsius.


Peeking in on Dhammayangyi Pahto

Dhammayangyi Pahto (Temple) in Bagan, Myanmar. Personally my favorite temple in Bagan. Just wish you could climb up on it, but alas, it was blocked off.


Relive in Photos: The City of Bangkok

The City of BangkokA Photo Collage “Bangkok has him now, and she’ll never let him go.” (Tattoo Joe, Hangover 2, 2011) Scroll horizontally to experience my visit The Rest of Thailand Needs Exploring…


Relive in Photos: A Week in Hong Kong

Hong Kong A Week in the City “And if you screw up just this much, you’ll be flying a cargo plane full of rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong!” – Stinger (Top Gun, 1986) Scroll horizontally to experience my visit On to Thailand…


The Food of Myanmar

Continuing in my food series, here is the food of Myanmar. I did have avocado for the first time since leaving California (The land of avocado) in the form of a delicious avocado salad. You can spy a little guacamole in the top right.