Sihanoukville Sunset

Reader Email: Pre-trip Wanderlust and Angst

I receive emails all the time from potential, current and future travelers but occasionally one of them stands out above the rest. Leading up to my departure I had a difficult time summing up my thoughts. I was saving my money up for something, something… bigger. I didn’t have all the details worked out but […]


A Full Day Tour of Khao Yai: Thailand’s First National Park

On the way from Cambodia back to Bangkok, I had a week to kill before heading off to Myanmar. It wasn’t too far out of the way to a National Park known as Khao Yai, Thailand’s oldest and second largest, so I took a slight detour, navigated between some local buses and got dropped off […]


Thailand vs Malaysia: If You Can Only Choose One

Thailand and Malaysia share a border and are two of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations, but they are still distinctly different. I’d recommend a long visit to both, but if time is an issue, I’d hate to rush either country. There’s just too much to see and do! So if visiting both isn’t going […]


5 Ways I Saved BIG at Home In Order to Travel BIG Later

It’s the leading cause of lack of world exploration… money. I’ve heard it countless times in every shape and size. Young people want to take off to see the world, but with all their expenses, putting money away for a trip abroad never seems like an option much less a priority. How can they afford […]

Kwang Si Waterfall Luang Prabang

Backpacker’s Daily Budget in Laos

Laos was the third country I visited on my Southeast Asia trip and one of my favorites (however bad the internet might be). After the dirt cheap prices of Northern Thailand, daily expenses were slightly higher than I was accustomed too, or would have liked, and many other backpackers agreed, but having said that, Laos […]

Motorbiking Bali Coast

Motorbiking Bali: I Loved It But I’ll Never Do It Again

I just got back from a 3 day motorbike tour of Bali. It was quite the experience and awesome on so many levels. I whizzed around the eastern half of the island with my big travel backpack squished between my legs checking out the scenery and stopping for a few dives and some relaxing beach […]

ferry to penang

Penang to Langkawi by Bus: Travel Days

Heading from the Malaysian island of Penang to its neighbor Langkawi, just about everyone takes the direct ferry (60 RM or $19). Since we usually explore every possible option, we started asking about taking a bus via the mainland and then taking a ferry from a closer point. This was met with the questions of […]


Getting a 60 Day Indonesian Visa in Kuala Lumpur

DISCLAIMER: As of March 2014, the Kuala Lumpur Embassy reportedly no longer gives out 60 day Visas. Other options are a 30 day visa or a VOA (Visa on Arrival). Some have reported 60 day visas can be obtained in Penang (confirmed June 2014), Kota Kinabalu or Tawau, but I can’t give anymore information on […]


The Perhentian Islands on a Backpacker Budget

When I think of Southeast Asia, island paradises are one of the first things that come to mind. Unfortunately, after a few island visits in Thailand, I also began to gather that paradise equated to a big hit on my wallet. Prices usually doubled upon leaving the mainland and when the Perhentian Islands were the […]