How I Got My One Way Ticket for Free: Beginners Guide to Credit Card Rewards

If you’ve done any amount of traveling, you know that airline tickets can constitute a major part of your total expenses. Unless you know a pilot that can put you on standby, you’ll have to book your own flights. They’re expensive and for shorter duration trips, can sometimes cost as much as the rest of […]


Backpackers Guide to Gunung Stong State Park, Malaysia

Last week I wrote a play by play of my trip to Gunung Stong State Park. You can find it here. Well, as I mentioned, I had no intention of originally going. It’s much less traversed than some other nearby national parks, which is part of the appeal, but resources to plan a visit are […]


Save Money While Traveling: Credit and Debit Cards

I travel with a minimum of two trusty pieces of plastic in my pocket. One being my debit and the other(s) my credit card. While I suppose any such cards that you already possess will work, there are a few specific features on my cards that will save you a bundle in the long run. […]

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My Travel Gear

Travel gear yay! Here is what I recommend and why I think you’d love it too. I put plenty of thought into my decisions so that you can save some time and just buy what I got… or not. Up to you. Exofficio Boxer Briefs If you take away nothing else from this post, take […]


Options After Losing Your Debit Card while Traveling Abroad

Lost or stolen debit cards while abroad can be a huge hassle and stop your travel plans in their tracks. I recently lost mine while in Bangkok and have been kicking myself ever since. Luckily I have friend to borrow money from for the time being and a friend studying in Singapore who I could […]


Backpacker’s Daily Budget in Cambodia

I’ve decided to continue the posts on my spending habits for each country I visit, as I think they’re turning out to be very helpful. It’s worth noting that I’m a serious budget traveler and comment on the backpacker mode of travel, which doesn’t negatively affect my overall experience. In fact, I think it improves […]


The Sungai Kolok Border Crossing from Thailand to Malaysia

Crossing the Sungai Kolok border into Malaysia was rather uneventful, but for a place that has had a history of violence between the Muslim minority and the ruling Buddhist majority, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While I was hesitant at first, especially after seeing all the machine-gun wielding guards pacing back and forth through […]


The Best of Ancient Bagan

A random list of bests I decided to compile on Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) Best Plan Avoid the midday heat. Go for sunrise and visit a few more temples in the AM before returning to town and the comfort of your A/C hotel room. It starts to cool off by about 4, so head back out […]


Why I Built the Ultimate Asian Backpacker Currency Converter

I know, I know. There are a thousand currency converters out there. Big ones, small ones, dedicated sites, phone apps, widgets for your sidebar. There are a ton, I know, so why did I spend my time building a new one? Simply put, most of them just suck and none of them fit my needs […]