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A Backpacker’s City Guide to Sihanoukville Cambodia

Sihanoukville is Cambodia’s up and coming beach town. It’s development is fast paced and within a few years, we’ll see which direction this city on the beach takes. There are glimpses of the parties of Koh Phi Phi and the laid back lifestyle of Si Phan Don, but there are also relatively untouched islands off […]


5 Things You Should Do in Yangon, Myanmar

After a friend ran into some issues obtaining her Myanmar Visa, I was forced to hang out in Yangon (former Rangoon) for longer than originally expected. It turned out being a blessing in disguise, as the city has a ton to see and take in. Without covering the obvious Schwedagon Pagoda etc., here are five not […]


Myanmar/Burma Money Exchange Scam in Yangon

A lot is changing in Myanmar and fast. First I heard, money should only be exchanged on the black market. Official exchange rates of 10 Kyat to a dollar where a joke. Exchanging money on the streets could get someone closer to 1,000 Kyat per USD, so there was little debate as to the best […]


Budgeting for Two Weeks of Travel in Myanmar/Burma

Budget travel in Myanmar is currently in a state of flux. Prices are constantly changing and like everyone else, I was hearing differing reports on what to budget for each day in the country. Having just recently returned from a two week stint in Myanmar, I can shed some light on the status of budget […]


Guide to a Ranong Visa Run to Burma/Myanmar

When you fly into Thailand, you’re only given a month long visa free entry. So after a few weeks in Bangkok and a few weeks on the islands in the south, I needed to either leave the country or do what is called a Visa Run and extend my stay by two weeks. This requires […]


Getting a Burma / Myanmar Visa In Bangkok

I’m headed to Myanmar tomorrow and I have to say the whole process of obtaining a Visa wasn’t simple by any means. The country, once shut off to the world, has seen an influx of visitors wanting to experience something untouched. Predictably, crowds at the embassy were large and everyone seemed a little on edge, […]


Transportation In Bangkok: The Best Ways to Get Around

Bangkok is the hub of Southeast Asia. I started my trip by spending a few weeks here getting to know the city, but I didn’t realize at the time how often I’d actually be in and out. Today I find myself back in Bangkok and after answering a few questions from new travelers about how […]


Border Crossing from Don Det, (4,000 islands) Laos to Cambodia

After an amazing few relaxed filled days on the island of Don Det, one of the 4,000 islands in Si Phan Don, our Lao visas were about to expire and it was time to head to Cambodia. I had gotten mixed information on the border crossing route and heard a few things about corrupt border […]