Travel Links


Abatures – Longtime friend of mine and the best travel companion one could ask for. He’s gone back for another round and another. Follow his adventures.

Laurie was Here – How we haven’t crossed paths is beyond me. Laurie is also traveling through Southeast Asia on a one way ticket purchase.

Wandering Jon – I met Jon in a hostel in Bangkok before sharing some ridiculously absurd nights together. Oh yea, he’s a great writer.

Alex in Wanderland – Fellow one-way ticket patron who decided to do something about her wanderlust. Working and playing on the move.

One Step 4 Ward – A travel blog success. He has obviously read the 4 Hour Work Week, traveling full time and working less than 10 hours a week.

Travel Swag – Friends of mine from Los Angeles who traveled through India and Southeast Asia over a 6 month period in early 2012.

Frugal Travel

Frugal Travel Guy – The price of a flight bringing you down? This site helped me use airline miles to fly for cheap

CouchSurfing – Stay on a local’s couch or host fellow travelers. I’ve personally used the site and met some amazing people.

Travel Info

TravelFish – Loads of travel info and forums pertaining to Southeast Asia

Lonely Planet Forum – Got a travel related question? This is the best place to ask

The Secret Traveller – From some of the best kept travel spots and secret locales to the most disappointing tourists destinations this travel blog from 1Cover puts a unique spin on travel writing. With many interesting and useful articles like “10 ways you’re offending people overseas” this blog is a must for any tourist or traveller.

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