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Travel gear yay! Here is what I recommend and why I think you’d love it too. I put plenty of thought into my decisions so that you can save some time and just buy what I got… or not. Up to you.

Exofficio Boxer Briefs
If you take away nothing else from this post, take away this: Gather your cotton undies and throw them in the trash. The Exofficio underwear changes EVERYTHING. You’re life will never be the same. Your balls will thank you over tenfold. Breathable, quick-drying, anti-bacterial, no ride up. You can wash them in the sink and they’ll be dry by morning. They just do everything you want a pair of boxer briefs to do and are absolutely perfect for the road. I bought pairs for my father, my brother-in-law and my coworker. If that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

A Travel Towel
Another absolute MUST. Get a travel/camping towel. They are super absorbent and take up a quarter of the room a normal towel would, saving you space and weight. Also, they dry quicker so you’re not lugging around a soggy towel. As a backpacker, what about that doesn’t sound awesome? You can find these at most sporting goods stores.

A Proper Traveler’s BackpackTraveler BackpackA few of my travel buddies have this bag and it works great for them. It’s the perfect blend of quality without breaking your bank. But there are also plenty of other good options out there. My bag is a 65 liter (~4000 cubic in) and I suggest not going any bigger than that or you’ll regret it as you lug around a huge pack filled with unnecessary items. I’d go on amazon and find an older model, from a past season, that’s now on sale and buy that one. Same quality, half the price.

Nikon D5100
nikon d5100Before my trip, I decided an upgrade from my original DSLR, the Nikon D40, was necessary. I wanted video and time-lapse capabilities and ended up deciding on the D5100. Same awesome quality from Nikon as before. No complaints here, although I would like to upgrade my stock lens to this beaut at some point. One day, but for now I tell myself that the camera doesn’t make a good photographer. There are professionals who have full-on photo essays shot entirely with an iPhone (may my iPhone RIP).

Acer 11″ HD Netbook
What would I do without this little netbook? Before taking off, I looked into getting an 11 inch MacBook Air, but I just couldn’t justify spending $1,200+ on a computer and then being paranoid about losing it. Unfortunately, things get stolen and that would put quite the damper on an otherwise good trip. Instead I went with the Acer and I’m so glad I did. For one, I saved a whole grand, not chump change, and the little dual core processor is fast enough for just about everything I need it for. Yea, Photoshop doesn’t have the same zip, but it still works fine. Heck, right now I have Chrome, iTunes, Evernote and Photoshop running all at once. I can easily say this netbook is adequately meeting my needs. To top it off, it has 320GB of storage, over 5 times more than the cheapest MacBook Air. Apple products are awesome, but that pricetag is rough.

Lowepro Passport Sling Camera BagLowepro Sling with MonkeyI seriously love this bag. Honestly, one of my best purchases before my trip. It has a special compartment which the camera slides right into for safe storage and easy access, has a ton of other compartments to stash stuff (even a spot specifically for SD cards) and can even expand to fit my 11 in laptop or just fit extra clothes or whatever and act as a day pack. I’ve even taken this thing on multiple 3 day treks and its done fine. I almost forgot, it looks all stylish and doesn’t scream camera bag like this guy does.

Targus 50-Inch Tripod
If you have any inclination to take more than the casual point-and-shot shots, then a tripod will do you wonders and make your photographs pop. Only problem is the good ones are expensive, not to mention too heavy for the average backpacker, so I suggest getting a cheap, lightweight one. Yea, I’ll be the first to admit that its not the best quality, but it weighs nothing and slips right in next to your clothes, so you hardly notice. Did I mention how much better your photos will be? You won’t have to use your crumpled up shirt in place of a your three legged friend quite as often.

Note: If you choose to click through the links and make a purchase, I get a tiny cut. Any support is appreciated, but if not, no sweat.

2 thoughts on “My Travel Gear

  1. Cool blog, I came across it googling about Vibram Five Fingers. I can’t decide whether to take mine again.

    Merino underwear is what I take. It can goes days without washing and doesn’t rub etc… Expensive though.

    And Kunf Fu slippers, or canvas shoes (in black) are handy. They’re light and smart enough to get me into a few places that do requires shoes (the Sky Bar in Bangkok rejected my Vibrams! but let me go in with MTB cycling shoes on!?).

    • Haha, that’s hilarious. There really is no rhyme or reason to what attire bouncers let slide. I was recently at 1-Altitude in Singapore and there were a few travelers complete with their huge backpackers enjoyed the 62nd floor view. Needless to say, they were a little out of place, but I’m sure they didn’t care

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