Packing Theory for an Asian Backpacking Trip Pt. 1

I’ll be traveling for some periods with a few friends that are newbs when it comes to backpacking and they’ve asked me about what I’m packing. Now I’ve only been on three “backpacking” trips per se and none of them exceeded 3 weeks (much shorter than this one), so I am by no means an expert on the topic but here are just a few of the items I’m bringing and the thought processes behind my decisions.

Nikon D5100 – I love taking pictures when I travel and I can’t stand a camera that isn’t capable of capturing the moment. While it adds extra weight, I can’t imagine not having it when a sunset is about to blow my mind. My friends never complain about having evidence either.

One pair of pants, and one jacket – I’m going to the tropics and I don’t want to lug around a bunch of clothing cause I wanted more options. Cold weather clothing takes up much more space and while I may find myself in the mountains and some non-beach weather from time to time, one of each will suit me just fine.

11in Netbook – This was probably one of my hardest decisions. I’ve never taken a laptop before and quite frankly, I could get along just fine without one and wouldn’t mind not having to worry about thieves. But I’ll be blogging pretty consistently, uploading and editing photos along the way and finding a computer that has Skype properly set up can become quite a hassle sometimes.

Small Ball Pump – I love soccer and it also happens to be the most international sport out there. Buying a soccer ball and playing a few pickup games here and there not only sounds awesome but also may turn out being a great way to make new friends.

Small roll of Duct Tape – Cause you just never know…