Kwang Si Waterfall Luang Prabang

Backpacker’s Daily Budget in Laos

Laos was the third country I visited on my Southeast Asia trip and one of my favorites (however bad the internet might be). After the dirt cheap prices of Northern Thailand, daily expenses were slightly higher than I was accustomed too, or would have liked, and many other backpackers agreed, but having said that, Laos […]

Marina Bay Sands Skyline

Change of Pace: A Week in a Singapore Dorm Room

After nearly 6 months of traveling through developing countries, I was headed to Singapore, the “cleanest city in the world.” The word “developing” hasn’t been used to describe this city in a long time, so I looked forward to a little change of scenery. One of my oldest friends (we were in the same third […]

Rinjani Descent

Descending a Volcano: Gunung Rinjani

Clambering up the last 350m to the summit of Lombok’s Gunung Rinjani was physically one of the hardest things I’ve done. I’m not in rock star shape, I was literally racing to the top (I had a sunrise to attend), and it felt like I was Frodo in Lord of the Rings returning the ring […]

Motorbiking Bali Coast

Motorbiking Bali: I Loved It But I’ll Never Do It Again

I just got back from a 3 day motorbike tour of Bali. It was quite the experience and awesome on so many levels. I whizzed around the eastern half of the island with my big travel backpack squished between my legs checking out the scenery and stopping for a few dives and some relaxing beach […]

changi beach bus stop

Relive in Photos: Under a Singapore Runway

Under a Singapore RunwayPictures of Planes After a 3 hour trip to the Changi Airport shipping yards to retrieve a much needed replacement debit card, I wasn’t yet ready to head back and do it all again in reverse. Instead I killed some time on the beach near the airport landing strip taking pictures of […]

ferry to penang

Penang to Langkawi by Bus: Travel Days

Heading from the Malaysian island of Penang to its neighbor Langkawi, just about everyone takes the direct ferry (60 RM or $19). Since we usually explore every possible option, we started asking about taking a bus via the mainland and then taking a ferry from a closer point. This was met with the questions of […]


Classic Rock Songs that Make Me Want to Travel

I was a late bloomer when it came to the late 60’s/early 70’s classic rock era. I knew a few of the most popular classics, but overall, my Woodstock band knowledge was pretty poor. Once I was truly introduced to the bands and given some direction, I was immediately hooked. A classic rock binge followed […]

Jimbaran Bali Fishing Village

Jimbaran Beach Fishing Boats, Bali

The fish market in Jimbaran is a busy, dirty and grimmy place that never loses its fish smell, but looking out over the many fishing boats at sunset makes one think of a peaceful fishing village lost in some corner of Asia

Skimboarding on Penang Malaysia

Skimboarding in Penang: Who’d of Thought?

Before the trip, my friend Austin had asked a skimboarding contact about whether there were any spots to skim in Southeast Asia. His response was the contact info of a skimboarder on the island of Penang in Malaysia. Once we made it to the island, what we found blew us away: an entire thriving skimboarding […]