Under a Singapore Runway
Pictures of Planes

After a 3 hour trip to the Changi Airport shipping yards to retrieve a much needed replacement debit card, I wasn’t yet ready to head back and do it all again in reverse. Instead I killed some time on the beach near the airport landing strip taking pictures of planes.

Scroll horizontally to experience my visit

changi beach bus stop

changi beach park airplane

plane bird pole

changi airport shore

vw watching singapore airplane

airasia plane singapore

singapore plane barbed wire

2 thoughts on “Relive in Photos: Under a Singapore Runway

  1. Cool! Glad to see I’m not the only plane nerd out there!
    Keep up the good work!
    Frank (bbqboy)
    Ps thanks for following me on twitter!

    • No problem Frank! It was a cool day watching planes land. Something doesn’t get old about watching a huge man-made object float through the air.

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