The City of Bangkok
A Photo Collage

“Bangkok has him now, and she’ll never let him go.”
(Tattoo Joe, Hangover 2, 2011)

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bangkok airport terminal

Silom Bangkok

wat pho

wat pho pagodas

wat pho buddhas

The King Framed

Wat Arun

bangkok weekend market

About to Rain in Bangkok

Bangkok 7-11

Safe from the Bangkok Rain

Shoes in Lumpini Park

Slackline in Lumpini Park

Slackline help in Lumpini Park

Resting in Lumpini

Channel Taxi

Khlong Saen Seap Channel Boat

Fight Night at MBK

Skytrain at night

Tuk Tuk in Bangkok

Empire Tower Bangkok

The Queen is Coming

China Town Puppets

China Town Balloons

China Town New Year

The Rest of Thailand Needs Exploring…

2 thoughts on “Relive in Photos: The City of Bangkok

  1. i remember that temple in bangkok! that was where we had to leave our shoes outside. when i came back out my flipflops were nowhere to be found. the security guard brought me another pair to wear. it was a blistery day. i originally was linked via your street-food mission in KL article. it was a fun read. great pics on this site!

    • Haha, yep. You have to take your shoes off before entering. That’s pretty cool that the security guard got you another pair. Maybe it happens often enough for them to keep some spares.

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