2 thoughts on “Slacklining in Lumpini Park, Bangkok

  1. Hi Phil,
    My name is Manel, I’m 31 and I’m from Menorca (Spain). If you’ve been studing in Barcelona for sure you know a bit about spanish and my first language catalan!. At the moment i’m living in Bangkok and I’ve seen your post about slackline at lumphini, I really enjoy slacklining when I have time but I’ve never seen anybody playing here. Do you know if there is still someone playing at lumphini?
    Actually if you need any help about improving your spanish just let me know!Sorry for my english coz it’s not so good.. needs improving too!!
    Congratulations for your site!

    • Thanks Manel, I’m not aware of anyone slacklining in Lumpini on a regular basis. In fact, after about an hour we were told to take the line down which was a bummer, but there are always more trees to set up a line on

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